Kristian Kabashi, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder Numarics — The Blank Collar Approach

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Entrepreneur, Co-Founder NUMARICS


ABOUT Kristian Kabashi

Kristian Kabashi is a creative powerhouse with an innovative perspective on the intersection of work and technology. With a proven track record as a top-level international executive in the creative industries, he is spearheading a movement to reimagine the way we approach work in the era of advanced technologies. Kabashi’s philosophy, “Work is for Bots, Life is for Humans,” emphasizes the importance of using technology as a tool to enhance human potential, not replace it.

Kabashi is the visionary behind the “Blank Collar” era of work, which celebrates collaboration between humans and intelligent technologies. According to the Blank Collar philosophy, people should focus on strategic and creative tasks, while leaving the mundane duties to machines. This concept is brought to life through Kabashi’s co-founding of Numarics, a Swiss fintech company that fully embraces the Blank Collar approach.