Transfer Files Snapdrop
Transfer Files Snapdrop

How to Transfer Files using Snapdrop

Web Application : Snapdrop

Purpose: Transfer files from any device. You can share documents, images, videos, etc basically files of any format.

How to transfer files:

For example, you wish to send a PDF file from your laptop/Computer to your mobile device.

  1. Open

    Open on your laptop web browser and also in the mobile device ‘s browser from which you would like to send the file. 

  2. Connect

    You will see an icon detecting the other device. Click on the icon representing the device to send the file.

  3. Send

    You will be given the option to send your respective file. Select the file and send.

  4. Receive

    You need to accept the file on your mobile phone. Voila ! Your file is transferred in seconds.

Snapdrop is an inspired work from Apple’s AirDrop. It is based on the concept of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).