Martial Arts Lisa Magiera
Martial Arts Lisa Magiera

Renshi Lisa Magiera | Martial Arts Sensei – Cover Story May 2020

Renshi Lisa Magiera | Martial Arts Sensei
Renshi Lisa Magiera | Martial Arts Sensei


United States | Martial Arts | Owner of Bushido Karate Dojo (BKD).

Renshi Lisa Magiera is a 4th-degree black belt. She started training in various martial arts when she was 25 years old. She is the founder of the Bushido Karate Dojo (BKD). She trains her students with various forms of Martial Arts at Bushido Karate Dojo. She is the author of Get Up: Universal Lessons of Martial Arts, You can find a copy at Amazon.


Indian monk Bodhidharma travelled a great distance to bring his style of Buddhism to China. Did he know then, in the 4th century, that he would be considered by many, to be the founder of martial arts around the world?


Why Karate?

“Training is a habit, not a choice.”

“Karate builds respect.”

It takes time to learn how to be a respectful human being. And in Karate; weapons, bo staffs (A bō is a staff weapon) in particular, are extremely good for teaching respect. They teach humility because just as soon as you think that you’re something else with that bō, that’s when you hit yourself in the back of the head. But they also are an avenue for us to teach our children how to be respectful human beings.

Here’s how we do it :

At the end of every weapon’s class that I teach, I encourage my students to come to me and ask if they can put my weapon away. Now, this has nothing to do with me being better than them. It has everything to do with them understanding their surroundings, showing RESPECT for an elder, and understanding that when there is something to be done, helping is the right thing. Recognizing the opportunity to be of service. So RESPECT, building respect in a person, It’s an investment in time. And here at Bushido Karate Dojo aka BKD, We HONOUR that responsibility. To build respect in our students. 

“I am a big believer in loving what you do.”

Karate & Brain Development

Karate helps to develop the right & left sides of the brain. Everything that we do with Karate helps to balance, and that helps with your mental and physical and spiritual balance.  We do cross body techniques and those techniques activate your brain. They help build our neurological pathways that will last a lifetime.

“Discipline is having strong habits that are unbreakable.”

Keep Moving.

The biggest thing about Karate is that they help us to keep moving. At Bushido Karate Dojo we teach a blended style of Kyokushin and Isshinryu, both with roots in Okinawa, They are both fighting arts, which means we place more value on if something works in real life than if it is pretty. We punch. We kick. We block. We spar. And we love Kata (memorized forms).

The training allows our students to enter a state of flow; pushing the world aside while we focus on the simple motion of a punch and escape in the challenge of a complicated series of movements. Karate is a physical strengthening activity that teaches awareness while overcoming challenges. In the dojo, we believe that hard is worth doing and that providing the right obstacle at the appropriate time in someone’s training is the key to building good people.


“Bow at the door. Focus your mind. Condition your body.”

“Are you looking for a new challenge to conquer? Do you want to build your confidence and decrease your fears by learning defensive tactics for all types of situations? The benefits of being a martial artist, like ripples on the water after a stone drops in, will extend into every area of your life and” –

Online Class |  Bushido Karate Virtual Dojo

Emmy Andersson, a brown belt karate student of Lisa Sensei, who transferred her learning to her own living room.

Nothing can stop Lisa from practising & teaching her students Karate, with the ongoing pandemic, she teaches her students Karate with streaming online classes. Here’s how –

Together. In the same space.

“It is so different from being in the same space as my karate students and yet it provides the best connection we can get in this moment of a global pandemic, physical distancing and protecting the health of our families.

It didn’t take long to envision the possibilities of a worldwide karate school with no walls, no travel time and no limits on class sizes.”

We have a series of videos that explains little things like the bow at the door, how to set up a home dojo and proper behavior expectations for karate class, no matter the location.

Emmy Andersson, a karate brown belt who transferred her learning to her own living room and outdoor porch had this to say about her recent experience, “Training online has allowed me to relax and do better.”

In the end, we will be both: Bushido Karate Dojo and Bushido Karate Virtual Dojo.

Stronger. Safer. Smarter. Together.

So I am on the journey with you, of eating well, of moving well, and of living well.

Join us today ! Bushido Karate Virtual Dojo.

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Eclectic Brains Magazine is proud & grateful to have Renshi Lisa Magiera as our first Cover Story May 2020.

Content: Lisa Magiera | Editor : Nidhi Mehta