Entrepreneurs Startup Checklist
Entrepreneurs Startup Checklist

Entrepreneur’s Startup Checklist

The whole purpose of the business world is to enable a man through his own efforts to achieve financial independence for himself and family. By exchanging his service for the service of others, so that he may be an efficient and happy member of that world. Every person is under an obligation to himself and society to achieve this desirable condition. Attention is the very first step to success.

Success Inevitable.

Use this checklist to achieve your definite purpose.

  1. Be ambitious – WANT SOMETHING
  2. Have a definite purpose wanting it.
  3. Concentrate your whole attention on achieving your purpose.
  4. Make your attitude toward your work, one of your pleasures. If your attitude is one of aversion and you cannot change it, then abandon your work for something to your liking.
  5. Use your energy efficiently by working in silence, which stops ups leaks and prevents waste of energy.
  6. Increase your power by stimulating your emotions and bringing them under control. Any emotion is power and can be directed and utilized to perform work, if brought under self-control, by will.
  7. Acquire vision by the use of imagination in building from memories evoked by emotion.
  8. Take initiative; mastery demands this.

Source: Success Inevitable