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World Cup Football

All about World Cup Football

  • As early as 300 B.C. football game was played in China. Around the year 50 B.C. the first international football match was held between China & Japan. Later the game rapidly spread through Europe.
  • The first evidence of the football existence was found in the Han Dynasty. Chinese military used to play football as a form of exercise,
Image : Wikipedia | Ming Dynasty (A.D. 1402 – 1424)
  • French sculptor, Abel Halfeur was commissioned to design the first World Cup trophy.
  • He designed a statuette depicting the goddess of victory – NIKE
  • holding in her outstretched hands an octagonal (with eight sides and eight angles) bowl. The statuette was made of gold. It was 30 cm high with a weight of 4.1kg.

Image : Jules Rimet Cup Poster | Wikipedia

  • Originally this trophy was named ‘Victory’ but later renamed in honor of FIFA president ‘Jules Rimet.’
  • Jules Rimet’s trophy was stolen twice – 
    • In 1966 from London.
    • In 1983 from Brazil.
Image – Jules Rimet – Third President of FIFA World Cup | Wikipedia
  • It was only in 1904 that some sort of uniformity was brought to the football game. This resulted in the formation of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • The man who made this possible was Jules Rimet, the third president of FIFA.
  • The most valuable service of FIFA is organizing the World Cup tournament, every four years.
  • The new trophy named ‘FIFA WORLD CUP’ was made and presented in 1974. The trophy was made by Stabilimento Artistico Bertoni company in Italy. 
  • Brazil has won the football world cup 5 times, which is the highest number of wins by far.
  • The FIFA Women’s World Cup was first held in 1991 in China. However, the first unofficial women’s football tournament dates back to the year 1970 in Italy.
  • The next World Cup Football Tournament is going to be held in the year 2022 hosted by Qatar.