One in a million-person – J. R. D. Tata | Timeline

Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata is inevitably a pioneer in India’s Aviation Industry and a Business Tycoon of all the times. An incredible human who sought humanity first before anything. The following timeline outlines the accolades and accomplishments of J.R.D TATA.

“With each man I have my own way. I am one who will make full allowance for a man’s character and idiosyncrasies. You have to adapt yourself to their ways and deal accordingly and draw out the best in each man. At times it involves suppressing yourself. It is painful but necessary…. To be a leader you have got to lead human beings with affection.”



> 1904

Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata (J.R.D Tata) was born in Paris, France.

> 1922

Assistant with Tata Sons Ltd (18 years old).

> 1923

Higher studies to England.

> 1929

First person to qualify within India to fly and approval of license.

> 1930

He undertook a Solo flight between India & England.

> 1930

Got married to  Thelma Vicaji.

> 1932

First Indian Airline – Tata Airline Establishment.

> 1936

Founded Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).

> 1938

Chairman of the Board of Directors of TATA SONS LTD & Vice Chairman of New India Assurance Company Ltd (34 years old).

> 1945

Founded Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR).

> 1946

Chairman & Managing Director of Air India Ltd.

> 1948

Chairman of Air India International.

> 1953

Chairman of National Aeronautical of the Executive Committee of International Air Transport Association.

> 1955

Padma Vibhushan for his remarkable contribution to the aviation industry.

> 1979

The Tony Jannus Honour.

> 1983

French Legion of Honour Award.

> 1984

The Gold Air Medal of the Federation Aeronautique International in 1984

> 1986

The Edward Warner Award of the International Civil Aviation Organisation, Canada.

> 1988

Guggenheim Medal for aviation.

> 1992

J.R.D Tata was awarded India’s highest civilian honour – the Bharat Ratna – in recognition of his selfless humanitarian endeavours.

> 1992

 United Nations Population Award for his crusading endeavours towards initiating and successfully implementing the family planning movement in India, much before it became an official government policy.

> 1993

Passed away at the age of 89 with kidney infection.

I wish, I were big enough, like Einstein, to do what he did on one occasion. A hundred-dollar-a-plate dinner was organised for him to speak, and leaders of America in all fields, particularly in the field of science, were invited to hear the great man. When his turn came, he rose and said:’I’ve nothing to say,’ and sat down. You can imagine the consternation, quite apart from the wasted cost of the dinner! Realising the frightful effect his remarks had on the audience, Einstein got up again and said: ‘When I’ve something to say, I’ll let you know.’

Address to the Lions Club of Jamshedpur, August 22, 1963.(WIKI)
JRD Tata Chairman Conference
JRD Tata Military
Air India - J.R.D Tata