Mangla Bansal Sustainable Life App
Mangla Bansal Sustainable Life App

M (Mangla) Bansal – CEO and Founder of Sustainable Life App

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M (Mangla) Bansal

CEO & Founder – Sustainable Life App | Entrepreneur

Vancouver, Canada

Everyone has defining moments that shape their values – I’m no different. About 8 years ago I completely lost my sense of smell. It took me 5 years to convince my doctor to let me see a specialist because he kept saying “it’s just allergies”. It turned out I have a condition called sinusitis and I needed surgery right away. After my surgery I decided to investigate what caused my body to become so sensitive and as I looked at everything I consumed I was appalled by what I learned!

Think about it… literally… about every single thing you consume – what are the ingredients/chemicals used to create your clothes, shoes, cosmetics, personal care products, home cleaning products, car care, food, drink, dishware, etc.? And how are these said chemicals or ingredients being absorbed by your body, mind, and soul? Remember your skin is your biggest organ and we can even ingest chemicals from our cookware. What is the true impact of your consumption patterns? Consuming responsibly is essential – not just for our own health/well being but also for the environment and ALL living beings – don’t you think?

I am not perfect in how I consume but I am getting better each day. I am now doing my best to live and consume from a place of love – and not take from this earth but (hopefully someday soon) get to a place where I’m giving back. My name is M (Mangla) Bansal and I am the CEO and Founder of the Sustainable Life App – a free app on both Apple and Android that connects socially conscious consumers with sustainable brands and businesses worldwide. EVERY SINGLE THING – Sustainable Life App does and creates it with keeping our core values in mind. Our mission is to influence encourage and inspire ethical manufacturing sustainable consumption and to promote clean non-toxic products + services that support a circular economy.

I created this platform to take the hard work out of looking for sustainable and ethically made products. My company hires experts in each factor/category to do an analysis of all of the sustainable brands listed on our website. We also ask companies to self-evaluate themselves on each factor. Please note: Although an expert on my platform may think or feel a certain way about a listed brand and their products (respectfully of course) I want to stress to all users to stay true to your own values! 

For example, many animal rights experts and vegans may not use beeswax or any products made from animals/insects because it does not mesh with their own values or beliefs. I will give the example of beeswax – I love beeswax! I’m allergic to soy and I have ALWAYS loved candles – they relax me. Beeswax candles are honestly the only kind of candle that suits my life and consumption patterns. But I also want to stress that I know where my beeswax comes from… literally down to the exact location and the beekeeper who creates the candles. I do the research (the purpose of my platform is to do the hard work for you ) – responsible beekeepers are the coolest BTW!

Sustainable Life App
Sustainable Life App – Free app available on Apple and Android

I want to end this note by saying thank you for reading this article. The Sustainable Life App team are all phenomenal individuals ranging from video crew software developers administrative folks and of course sustainability experts. Our mission at Sustainable Life App is to make sustainable consumption easy in our technology-driven ever-changing world. The 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption are our guiding force. I hope my app truly becomes “Sustainable Living Made Easy” for you and all of your loved ones! If you own a sustainable business (local retail cafés/restaurants grocery stores zero waste/refill stores local organic farms salons/spas event venues eco-hotels eco-service providers (makeup artists, pet groomers, etc) + direct to consumer online brand I encourage you to feature yourself on my app. It’s free (indefinitely) for the first 100000 companies who join. The app is ALWAYS free for users/consumers. 

Since at the age of 5 I have known that I was meant to work in the media. But it wasn’t until I was 32 years old that I truly realized my life’s purpose. Creating this platform has felt like nothing short of synchronicity at its finest!


Mangla Bansal - CEO & Founder of Sustainable Life App
Mangla Bansal – CEO & Founder of Sustainable Life App

M (Mangla) Bansal is the CEO and Founder of Sustainable Life App – A free app on Apple and Android that connects consumers with sustainable brands and businesses worldwide. M is an experienced lifestyle TV and director and producer. Although she is now an entrepreneur she didn’t let her media expertise go. A fun component of the Sustainable Life App is the accompanying Podcast show (on all major platforms) and the upcoming documentary series about her company’s 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption (Impact on Human Health Environmental Impact Respect for Human Rights Respect for Animal Rights Socio-Economic Advantage).

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*Eclectic Brains Magazine supports Sustainable Life App, Since it’s in a growing phase, we urge you to feature/ask people the brands/business you know that supports eco-friendly, sustainable products.