Website Work
Website Work

How does the website work?

Building Websites

*This is a brief concept, to understand the website concept rather than every working part of the website. An introduction to the forthcoming articles.*

What does it take to own a website? How does it work?

Website Checklist

  1. Domain Name
  2. Web Hosting Server

What is a Domain Name?

For example, take your car/automobile parked in your garage. Your garage will have an identity either your ‘apartment number’ or your ‘name’ to identify who it belongs to. The identity is the domain name.

What is Web Hosting Server?

Your ‘garage’ is your ‘web hosting’, where you park your car.
So once you buy a car, you will ask for a garage with an identity name/number to your secretary/authorized person.

Similarly, When you have a website ready & buy a website from a website developer, the next step is you contact a web hosting company, and most of the companies provide both domain name & hosting company. You pay for your services and you are ready to go. 

However, a lot of technical work needs to be set up before you can see a website live. You need to hire professionals or can learn by yourself with our future articles.

You can learn more about websites, working, costs, how it helps with businesses, by subscribing to our personalized emails for free. We start the website series next month.

Technology Concept Website
Technology Concept – Website

The core concept of a website : It works with a domain name hosted on a server (web hosting).