9 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your Real Diamonds – By Prachi Shah

Know Your Diamonds - Prachi Shah
Know Your Diamonds - Prachi Shah

Before you make a purchase of any diamond jewelry, know the following 4 C’s of diamonds, So at Kesar Jewels, we make sure our customers know exactly what kind & quality of diamonds they are going to buy. These 4 C’s are universal methods used to evaluate the quality of diamonds standardized by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).


A diamond’s appearance is significantly influenced by its color which ranges from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow), a standard format of grading given by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The whiter the diamond, the costlier the diamond. There are as well different price ranges for a variety of colors. (prized heavily for pink, blues & yellows.)


Since diamonds are created in extreme heat & pressure formed under the earth. There are small flaws known as blemishes on the diamonds called Inclusions. Inclusions are like birthmarks that make every diamond unique. The fewer inclusions and blemishes a diamond has, the better its clarity rating and higher the price.


The unit of weight of a diamond is measured in carats. The diamonds with greater carat weight are exponentially heavily prized than diamonds of lower carat weight. Previously when there were no standard formats, the diamond traders used “carob” seed as measuring for the weight of the diamond, and then evolving the word “carat” from it. A CARAT weighs equal to 0.2 grams.


Generally, people always think that a diamond cut is a diamond shape. As a matter of fact, A diamond’s cut has to do more with the diamond’s dimensions, symmetry & burnishes (shine of diamond). The enchanting factor of a diamond is always the CUT of it than any other factor. 


5. The cut of the diamond is the essential factor you never want to overlook. The better the cut of the diamond, the more brilliant diamond.

6. Buying on a budget? A secret tip while buying diamonds to save costs: Since the grades go from D-Z (Where D being colorless & Z is light yellow).Prefer diamonds with a range from E, F, H, I (The difference is undetectable & yet significant cost saving if you go one color grade down. )

7. All diamonds have little imperfections (inclusions). So unless you’re ready to shell out a lot of money for a flawless diamond, go for a stone that is eye-clean.

8.The secret about half carats and full carats: Diamond prices jump at these sizes so make sure you go a 1 size lower, the difference is negligent but it’s considerably easy on the pocket. For example, a 1 Carat Weight costs you approximately $6000 (The price range may vary from store to store), Then 2 Carat Weight diamond will cost you $12000. So if you buy 0.98 or 0.97 CARAT, you will get it at a good price range and the difference in the size is negligent.

9. Certified: Always, always, always go for a certified diamond. 


Prachi Shah
Prachi Shah | KESAR JEWELS

Prachi Shah is a Management Studies Graduate, Masters in Business Management, and a Post Graduate in Jewellery Management from the Indian Institute of gems & Jewellery & founder of Kesar Jewels that deals in customized real diamond jewelry at the age of 22. She took the opportunity & continued her father’s 30 years’ legacy in loose diamond trading, to diversify the business into made to order diamond jewelry.


“I have always been inclined to the finest things in life given our legacy with diamonds, what could be finer than fine jewelry. I am inspired by how a jewelry piece talks so much about you. It feels a sense of accomplishment when we can see the joy of our clients when they buy jewelry from Kesar Jewels. This inspires me to run Kesar Jewels.”


We, at Kesar Jewels, make sure that every piece of diamonds is ethically sourced and is at a competitive price since there are no middlemen costs. We believe in adding a personal touch to your product as jewelry is something very personal and it must tell a story about the person who is adorning it. The jewelry at Kesar jewels is cost-effective and can be designed across budgets without compromising the essence of owning a bespoke piece.


The process of building a piece especially for you includes analyzing your ideas, your preferences, and your personality and coming up with a design that’s as unique as you. It then goes under the manufacturing process where utmost care is taken about the quality of the manpower and machinery, the best craftsmanship is offered to you. All products are made in India as Kesar jewels. The diamonds are ethically sourced from the home office and hence no discrepancies are involved. Kesar Jewels believe jewelry buying is an experience and hence their major focus is on the service they provide to their clients even after the purchase has been made.


Our vision is to become a personal jeweler that understands its community and consumers to create an outstanding jewelry piece in an environment of trust, value, and the highest degree of service possible.