Eclectic Brains Magazine is a Simple, Educative & Healthy read. It follows the mission as



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"Education should not be limited to school or college. It’s a lifetime discipline."


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"We are bound and attached to our beliefs, customs to an extent, at times, we don’t look beyond it. That’s less exposure and scarcity of mind. Let go."


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"There are times when we need to enliven ourselves to avoid stagnation. Discover yourself with time in every aspect of life."

ECLECTIC BRAINS is an independent registered magazine publisher in India, Mumbai, focused on a healthy lifestyle with a perfect blend and balance of art, business, and life. It focuses on being revolutionary smart with tech & business, yet simplistic lifestyle magazine focused on health and wellness. It publishes educative, enlivening, and eclectic stories for readers into the world of creative entrepreneurs, successful people living healthy lives, and varied stories around the globe with wisdom to lead our lives. 



Eclectic Brains Magazine is dedicated to my Late paternal and maternal grandfathers :

Shri Maganlal Purshottam Rajkotiya & Shri Kantilal Gandhi.

And my paternal and maternal grandmothers :
Shri Manglaben Rajkotiya & Shri Hansaben Gandhi.




“Don’t forget to educate yourself, 

in an eclectic way 

and make sure you enliven yourself with time.”



Nidhi Mehta