Jenina Louise Cabiltes
Jenina Louise Cabiltes

Interview with Jenina Louise Cabiltes 26 years old an Entrepreneur of 8 Successful Brands

An interview worth reading for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

Jenina Louise Cabiltes or “Ina Cabiltes” is a Filipina serial entrepreneur based in Valenzuela City, Metro Manila, She has launched and managed eight successful businesses, playing a crucial role in providing business perspective on branding to the development of e-commerce ventures starting at the age of 14 years old! So we interviewed her to get an insight into her life as an entrepreneur, what it has been like working with eight successful businesses, and any advice she has for other budding entrepreneurs.

How did you become an entrepreneur? Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, My father is one of the pioneers in the car dealership industry in metro manila, “Oneway Autohaus.”  In my formative years, I was trained at an early age (around 14 years old) for example while I was in high school, I started as a car-dealer agent in my father’s business and even though I was “born into it”, I “earned it” & expanded my father business, from branding to setting up a digital website for the same, which was the catalyst to my entrepreneurial spirit and led me to manage successfully 8  brands named as 

  1. OneWay Autohaus, 
  2. Ethan’s Café, 
  3. Norte by Arca Yard,
  4. JLstudio Events and Designs, 
  5. Cart Café Manila, 
  6. Samgyeopsal 1978
  7. 1001 Design x Build
  8. Bold Assets

2. Woah ! 8 Brands, Can you explain to us your journey from the start with the businesses you mentioned ?

I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Interior design from De LaSalle College of Saint Benilde and Philippine School of Interior Design, where I had the opportunity and privilege to gain and hone my skills. I have as well worked in an architectural firm and in an event’s planning and coordination company as well. After acquiring an ample set of skills in design and events coordination, I have launched my mother’s first cafe & restaurant, Ethan’s Cafe in Valenzuela City. From branding to designing the restaurant’s interior design, I have  made sure that each brand that I have launched has their own authentic developing stories, values, mission and vision to keep it working towards success despite the growing competition in the market.

3. What is your perspective on business ?

“Starting your business is like farming, you study the weather, you plant a tree from a seed, you water it consistently, you remove the pests with right amount of pesticides, you make sure the root is stable, the soil is healthy, you watch it grow and it’s beautiful details, you pick some to eat, you pick some to share, then you plant more again. When it becomes unhealthy, you don’t give up, you help it overcome, you think of ways to make it grow healthier and stable.”

4. What has made you so successful as an entrepreneur ? How do you define entrepreneurship ?

For me, An entrepreneur does not have the mindset of the destination or on the finish line of the products or services that your brand offers. The focus is the “journey” & not the destination. It is a journey of tremendous experience of learning starting from the launch of the business, to business development, to consistently launching new ideas, marketing them, and a lot of coping when challenges strike with courage. I believe in measured risks & pushing yourself beyond the comfort zone. They stretch their own potential, their people, their product innovation skills and their business skills. Being an entrepreneur, you are the only one who should go out and make something out of nothing over and over again. They need to envision every detail about the products, services, consumers, viewevers, and how they are going to delegate work as well. It as well means you have to get used to the hard times, these are the times when you need to push yourself into your -20% limit.

5. How do you manage obstacles and business challenges?

A : Being honest, a humble, open-minded person will lead you to overcome all challenges & new ideas. At times, challenges come with a blow more than you can handle. And certainly there are people around your life to help you, guide you, support you and give you advice. Surround yourself with those kinds of people for guidance, plan with who understands the process and who is trained, or fully experienced in dealing with a certain business challenge is a huge asset in acquiring great solutions. Ask for the things that you do not understand and the answers will be shared to you. Do not try to be the “know it all person”.

6. What drives your decisions ? How do you focus on solutions ?

You can make decisions in two ways. Decisions from the learning you acquired from their mistakes, the consequences of the things your counselor did not do and the other is from the decisions that they made and succeeded. Be open to criticisms. Eyes on the things that you can do and not on the things that you cannot control. Understand that complications are made to make you think stronger, wiser and smarter. For entrepreneurs, success is not about the challenges that is given to you, success is the journey, the lessons acquired, the decisions, actions and responses that have been made in the circumstances. Pause, analyze, process your thoughts, check the values, create a plan and take the actions. That is how you will be able to see the solutions.

7. One last question: How did you manage to come up with new ideas or concepts for your business, for example your newly launched Bold Assets ?

Your business concepts should be related to your authentic self. For instance, your strengths, interests,inspiration and experiences that made you feel the burning passion while doing a certain service or product. Your concept is what or where you can present your best self in a straightforward manner; according to your authentic stories, values,missions, and visions.

For example, With BOLD Assets I am helping Filipino’s to reach their financial freedom through Insurances and Investments as Financial Advisor. This business is more on giving. Sharing BOLD Steps and BOLD advises to help each Filipino person generate BOLD assets for their future. 

Being an Entrepreneur takes continuous learning, ample courage and lots of understanding about yourself. And trying out new things is always worth it.

Indeed Jenina Louise is an inspiration to all women out there, we are delighted to have collaborated for this interview, from the beginning till end she has been up for it with positive energy. We vouch for you Jenina ! More power to you 🙂