How to be a Winner
How to be a Winner

How to be a winner?

Courage helps us to live in the most effective and sensible way. It helps us to concentrate on today’s tasks and pleasures, forgetting the past, and leaving the future to take care of itself. Concern for the future is natural. We must make provision for it. The only way open to us to influence it is by doing today’s activities to the best of our abilities. With courage, we can turn our backs on the past.

The future is not yet here and remains still to be shaped. We can act only in the present. To act consistently on this knowledge calls for courage. We have to persevere in our efforts to live solely within the confines of today’s circumstances. Courage and perseverance help to build up a strong character. They build up self-reliance. They lead to peace of mind, success, in our endeavors, and an end to obstacles. The quickest way to acquire courage is through help from other people.

Friends can give you the inspiration you need, just like reading inspiring books. Two famous books you could start with are: “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie and “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. 

Dale Carnegie suggests one method for facing troubles with courage, learnt from an expert in the air-conditioning business. This man’s advice was to decide first “What is the worst thing that could happen to me in this present trouble?” He would then calmly and quietly accept that the worst might happen and prepare himself to face it. Then he would ask “How can I improve on the worst ?” Ideas would then occur that he could put into effect to help mitigate or avoid the worst. Once you have mentally prepared yourself to face the worst, you always find the courage to take bold, practical steps to solve the problem.

Norman Vincent Peale Quote
Norman Vincent Peale Quote

Dr.Peale draws attention to a similar thought.”The primary fact about an obstacle”, he says, “is don’t be afraid it.” He goes to add,” The first thing to do about an obstacle is simple, to stand up to it and not complain about it but forthrightly attack it.” By this positive tackling of problems, we will learn to know our abilities and our power to get things done. We will convince ourselves “I don’t believe in defeat.”

Determination to succeed is the factor that distinguishes people of great achievement from the rest of mankind. They are not content even with doing their best.They go a step further and try to improve their own records.

The famous American psychologist William James used to say that most people use only about ten percent of their ability. Ouspensky expressed the same idea when he said: “Most people inhabit a mansion but live only in the basement.” 

Most people inhabit a mansion but live only in the basement.


Avoid self-pity. Be hard on yourself (but not on others). Your troubles are no worse than others have to face. They are a lot softer than many other people. Regretting your misfortunes will solve nothing. Only positive action courageously carried out in faith will get you over your problems.